Dr. Leslie Keating, ND

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a health care system that combines traditional and natural methods of healing with science-based knowledge of the body. It honours the healing power of nature and treatments are focused on supporting the body’s ability to self-heal and auto-regulate. The underlying focus is to address the root causes of dis-ease and to treat the whole person – body, mind, heart and soul.

Leslie’s Approach to Naturopathic Medicine:

Dr. Keating’s approach to Naturopathic Medicine is particularly unique and special, and we feel humbled and honoured that she has chosen to practice with us. Our hearts are full that we found a Naturopathic Doctor that truly embodies the total mind, body, soul approach to wellness that is integral to our philosophy of care at She Thrives.

Dr. Keating focuses on supporting the optimal function of your body and honors the innate intelligence that the body holds in its ability to consistently bring itself into balance (homeostasis). When the body is unable to do this, symptoms begin to present themselves. Rather than viewing physical symptoms as the problem, we look deeper to understand what the underlying factors are that have contributed to the symptoms presenting in the first place.

Dr. Keating honors the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health and the importance of supporting individuals in each of these areas as it applies in each case. She blends her academic background with an intuitive approach and utilizes treatments that are safe and gentle, including food as medicine, herbal medicine, supplements, as well as lifestyle counselling and emotional support.

Dr. Leslie Keating graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario, where she completed her four-year training. She is a Naturopathic Doctor registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.

“I love working with women who are seeking to move into a deeper understanding of themselves and their body, and who enjoy a gentle, organic approach to improving their vitality and health. I am deeply committed to exploring the momentum of ‘What else is possible?’ both for myself and the patients I work with.”        ~ Dr. Leslie Keating

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Leslie’s Philosophy of Care

Naturopathic Therapies Commonly Used

Herbal Medicine

Collaborating with plant medicine is a method of healing that is rooted in tradition. Dr. Keating focuses on working with nourishing, tonifying and restorative plants that are safe, gentle, and supportive of the body. She predominantly works with plants in their whole form, acknowledging that they are best utilized the way they were created by nature, providing support not only on a physical level, but on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level as well.

Lifestyle Counselling

Dr. Keating offers guidance and education in making positive changes to lifestyle in order to support optimal health. Together you may address diet, exercise, environmental toxin exposure, stress, and other areas, taking into consideration where you currently are on your health journey and what your health goals are. The focus is to support you in making changes that help improve your overall health and well-being.


Food is powerful medicine. Dr. Keating focuses on recommending a whole foods diet as a foundation for health, while acknowledging that each individual will have a different way of eating that feels best to them. Depending on your condition or concern, specific nutritional recommendations may be made. In general, Dr. Keating focuses on recommending foods that are anti-inflammatory, and supportive of the body’s fluids and detoxification systems.


Obtaining nutrition from food is the foundation for any treatment plan. Additional supplementation is recommended in order to optimize specific pathways/or systems within the body as needed.

Structure of Care

Introductory Meeting

Dr. Keating offers the opportunity to meet to ask questions about Naturopathic Medicine, learn about her philosophy of care, and determine if working together is in your best interest in advance of your initial session. This is an optional and complimentary service.

Intro Meeting Fee: FREE!
Appointment Length: 15 minutes

The Second Visit

Usually scheduled two weeks after the initial assessment, Dr. Keating will review your case and create a care plan specific to your health concerns and goals. This will be reviewed in detail in your second visit.

Second Visit Fee: $140
Appointment Length: 60 minutes

The First Visit

During this first visit (or initial assessment), Dr. Keating will review your intake form, your medical history, and current health, wellness and lifestyle concerns. She will focus on gaining as much as insight as possible into your individual needs and desires.

Initial Assessment Fee: $180
Appointment Length: 90 minutes

Follow-Up Visits

Generally booked once per month following the second visit, for 3-4 months, to ensure that consistent improvement is experienced, and to allow for additional suggestions to the initial care plan. Each follow-up visit is booked for 60 minutes, but if an hour isn’t required during the visit then the patient only pays for the time used.

Follow-Up Visit Fee: $80 – $140
Appointment Length:
30 – 60 minutes

Insurance Coverage

Naturopathic visits are not covered by OHIP, however, most insurance companies offer complete or partial coverage for visits. Please check with your insurance provider. She Thrives offers direct billing.

Additional Costs

The cost of any recommended lab tests, supplements, herbs, and/or other products is not included in the visit fee. Some insurance companies offer full or partial coverage for lab tests as well as products. Please check with your insurance provider.


Naturopathic visits are HST exempt. Payment options include Cash, Debit, Visa or MasterCard.

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