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She Thrives, as an innovative women’s wellness centre, provides a comprehensive variety of services that support a woman’s return to wellness on a multitude of levels. It is our aim to create safe space for women to explore the root causes of dis-ease and dis-contentment in their life. We are intent on providing services that honour and cultivate wellness of the mind, body and soul, in an environment that consciously welcomes women to flourish authentically amongst a sisterhood of likeminded others who want nothing but the best for them.

Current Positions

As a thriving and growing centre, we are continually looking for the right team members to complement and enhance our current offerings. Interested practitioners are encouraged to explore our website and the information below about working on our team, before submitting an expression of interest. We do post recruitment for particular professions, but encourage all interested practitioners to connect when ready.

Our Work Environment

The work environment at She Thrives is collaborative, compassionate, innovative and flexible. Our business practices draw inspiration from both masculine and feminine models of organization and communication – settling on the best approaches most effective at maintaining a welcoming, fun and inspired work environment.


Compassion is a central tenet to She Thrives. To create a safe and welcoming environment, we use a compassionate tone when communicating amongst our team, with the women we care for, and with the wider community. Compassion is important to understanding the challenges women face and to communicating our desire for wellness and healing. Compassion is something women do well. It comes naturally to our team and is appreciated by the women who access our services.


We welcome female practitioners onto our team who appreciate the collaborative nature in which our team members work and thrive. It is central to our philosophy of healing, for practitioners to value and understand the benefits of other modalities, practices and techniques. She Thrives practitioners appreciate how the work of team members enhances their own practice, and elevates the return to wellness of the women in their care.


At She Thrives we are not content to do things the way others are doing them just because that is how it has always been done. It is our commitment to the women in our care and to our team of practitioners to always strive to find the most creative and caring way to conduct business. We encourage our team and the women in our care to challenge us with new ideas and push us outside our comfort zone. We work hard at She Thrives to create an environment that fosters creativity and new ways of working.


Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is one way that She Thrives can walk its talk. Our practitioners are encouraged to prioritize the needs of self, family, rest and movement when determining workload and work hours. At She Thrives our team are all independent contractors, so each team member determines for themselves the hours they will work. We encourage our team to take advantage of morning intention-setting circles, lunch time movement classes in the studio, and team social gatherings throughout the workday.

Ready to Submit Your Interest?

It is our belief that a typical cover letter and resume does not fully express a person’s suitability for a position. What we bring to our work is coloured by our life experience, our story and journey, our interests and passions, and our beliefs and ideas. It is important to us that our recruitment process allow applicants to provide a full picture of themselves and to share the information they feel best demonstrates their candidacy.

We invite you to express your interest by providing a creative package that showcases your experience, expertise and passionate understanding of why this type of work environment excites you. We welcome you to use your creativity when developing your package – you need not be limited by standard cover letter and resume rules! Demonstrate to us why you are the professional we are looking for!

Send us a package that expresses the following in a creative way:

  • Tell us what motivates you to do the work you do
  • Let us in on a bit of your story and help us understand who you are – for real
  • Explain why you want to work on a team of women and in a place that serves women
  • Demonstrate that you have the education, experience and expertise to thrive on our team
  • Help us understand that you are committed to investing in a professional environment with the space, staff and vision necessary to take your practice to the next level.

Please submit your application via email to the attention of Cristol Smyth, D.Ch. through the button below.